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The Best TouchScreens From The World's Leading Manufacturers Are All Here
Tech Tips

A TouchScreen is an easy to use input device that allows users to control PC software by touching the display screen. Time is money, especially in a fast paced retail or restaurant environment. TouchScreen systems are easy to use so employees can get work done faster, and training time can be reduced for new employees. And because input is done right on the screen, valuable counter space can be saved. TouchScreens can be used in cash registers, order entry stations, seating and reservation systems, and more.

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Logic Controls

1. Touchscreen Monitors

Touchscreen monitors have several advantages over other pointing devices. A touchscreen monitor is very intuitive and easy to use since the user simply touches what he or she sees on the display. Touchscreen monitors save space because no mouse and, quite possibly, no keyboard is required. Touchscreen monitors are more productive at checkout and can handle more sales due to its speedy transactions, which adds to the bottom line of any retailer.

Logic Controls

Logic Controls LE1000
LE1015 - 15 Inch Touch Screen
from only$329.52
Very economical 15 inch touch monitor. You won't find a lower price on a touch monitor of this quality and this size - anywhere.  details...

Logic Controls LE1017
LE1017 17 Inch Touch Screen
from only$434.76
Very economical 17 inch touch monitor. You won't find a lower price on a touch monitor of this quality and this size - anywhere.  details...


ION Fit TouchScreen Monitor - ION-TM3A
ION-TM3A 15"

The ION 15 Inch combines a sleek new look, re-enforced touch panel, and cable management built right into the base at a price point to fit all budgets.  details...

EVO TouchScreen Monitor - EVO-TM2B
EVO-TM2B 17"

With a screen rated at over 50 million touches per location, the EVO 17 Inch looks great yet can withstand even the heaviest use applications.  details...

EVO Customer Display - EVO-RD2-VFD

This front-facing Customer Display for EVO-TM2 is 8.25 inches wide. A sleek and economical addition to your EVO-TM2 touch monitor at checkout.  details...

EVO LCD Display Panel - EVO-RD2-LCD8

This front-facing LCD Display Panel was designed to seamlessly integrate with the EVO-TM2. Perfect for Digital Signage or as a secondary monitor.  details...

A) Standard Aspect Ratio (including 4:3 and 5:4)

ELO 12 Inch Flat Panel
ELO 1215L - Small Footprint

Compact, small footprint 12" LCD flat panel touchscreen from Elo TouchSystems.

ELO 15 Inch Flat Panel
ELO 1515L - Desktop
15" LCD flat panel touchscreen from Elo TouchSystems, the global leader in touch technology.
ELO 1715L
ELO 1715L - Big Screen

17" big screen LCD flat panel touchscreen from Elo TouchSystems, the global leader in touch technology. prices.
ELO 1915L
ELO 1915L - Super Screen

19" super screen LCD flat panel touchscreen from Elo TouchSystems, the global leader in touch technology. prices.

ELO 1517L
ELO 1517L - Desktop

15" Zero Bezel design eliminates the frame, or "bezel", of standard monitors to create a seamless surface.

ELO 1717L
ELO 1717L - Desktop

17" Zero Bezel design eliminates the frame, or "bezel", of standard monitors to create a seamless surface.
B) Wide Aspect Ratio (16:9)
ELO 1519L
ELO 1519L

15.6” diagonal touch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, wide screen display LCD with LED backlighting.
ELO 2002L
ELO 2002L - High definition LED display with 16:9 aspect

Seamless zero-bezel 19.5" diagonal multi-touch display - 11.5% larger screen area compared to the 1919L, with beautiful full HD resolution and HDMI input.
ELO 2201L
ELO 2201L - High definition LED display with 16:9 aspect

22" LCD touchmonitor with a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. Durable and ruggedized for use in high-traffic environments.
ELO 2400LM
ELO 2401LM - 24 Inch

24" Desktop Touchmonitor for Medical and healthcare settings.

2. Point Of Sale Touch Computers

The biggest advantage that Point Of Sale Touch Computers have have over conventional PCs is their size. Sometimes referred to as all-in-one computers, their smaller footprint and built-in touch monitor are highly desirable features in applications where space is limited. Point Of Sale Touch Computers are also sealed from the factory so they eliminate accidental damage when liquids are spilled.

ELO 15A1 Touch Computer: POS Terminal
ELO 15A1 Touch Computer: POS Terminal

All-in-one Desktop Computer with 15" Flat Panel Touch Monitor an ideal choice for point-of-sale, medical, light industrial, and Internet access points.  details...

ELO 15 Inch Flat Panel
ELO 15B2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal

Fanless, cool and quiet, the 15A2 with a Windows 7 operating system features more processing power and a 15" Flat Panel Monitor with spill-resistant sealing.  details...
ELO 17B2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal
ELO 17B2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal

All-in-one Computer with dual video display capability provides an attractive ultra-compact 17" touch solution that can fit virtually anywhere in any point-of-service environment.  details...
ELO 19C2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal
ELO 19C2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal

All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer with a huge 19" wide aspect ratio flat panel touch monitor perfect for hospitality host and seating systems, product demonstration or customer information systems.  details...

3. Interactive Digital Displays

Interactive digital signage can grab a customer's attention and influence their purchasing decision right at the point of purchase, and digital signage is instant and offers the ability to change promotions immediately for various products or particular customers.


ELO 32
ELO 3202L Interactive Digital Dislay

32 Inch display system With a high contrast/brightness LED backlit LCD panel, the 3202L is a bright, high quality display suitable for public environments. Less than 4-inch protrusion when mounted with an Elo Low-profile wall-mounting kit and over 35% thinner than the 3201L.  details...

ELO 42
ELO 4202L Interactive Digital Dislay

42 Inch display system delivers a professional-grade large format display in a slim, integrated package. Designed from the bottom up for retail, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial markets, the Elo IDS is a high-quality, interactive canvas for attracting and engaging consumers.  details...

ELO 42
ELO 4602L Interactive Digital Dislay

46 Inch display is a professional-grade system with strengthened touchscreen glass suitable for public environments. Available with a choice of two multi-touch touchscreen technologies, zero-bezel projected capacitive (PCAP) or Infrared (IR), both enable up to ten simultaneous touches for multi-user interaction.  details...

ELO 55
ELO 5501L Interactive Digital Dislay

55 Inch display system incorporates zero-bezel, edge-to-edge glass touch-screen technology into a large-format, ruggedized panel specifically built for commercial environments. It is housed in a highly durable, aluminum chassis to ensure reliable interactivity and performance in almost any public-access location.  details...

ELO 70
ELO 7001L Interactive Digital Dislay

Huge 70 inch display combines an optical multi-touch touchscreen with a professional-grade, large format in a slim, integrated package. For retail, hospitality, commercial real estate, education and other commercial applications.  details...

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