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The Best Touch Computers From The World's Leading Manufacturers Are All Here
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A Touch Computer is an integration of a flat panel touchmonitor with a computer all in the space of an LCD. Many diverse applications take advantage of the space-saving capabilities of an all-in-one touchcomputer including loyalty systems, kiosk information systems, home control, casino management, Point Of Sale (POS) systems and Internet access points such as those for web surfing and hotel reservations. The sealed touchscreen of a touch computer makes them popular in restaurant and hospitality applications and their silent, fanless design makes them useful for dusty, industrial applications.

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POS-X Point Of Sale Computers
EVO TouchPC2 Computer
EVO TouchPC2 Computer: POS Work Station 15

Powerful yet energy efficient, the EVO TouchPC2 with 15 Inch TouchScreen is the perfect choice for retail, restaurant or warehouse applications - at a price point to fit all budgets.  details...
EVO-TP4 PRO: POS Performance Touch Computer
EVO-TP4 PRO: POS Performance Touch Computer

Loaded with an Intel Celeron G530 2.4GHz Dual Core Processor, the EVO-TP4 PRO is fast, and an IP54 seal ensures the EVO-TP4 survives windblown dust and splashes of water.  details...
EVO PC4 Retail Box POS Computer
EVO PC4: Retail Box Point Of Sale Computer

Compact Design allows for clean, efficient use of space with minimal footprint. The EVO PC4 is inexpensive yet designed specifically for point of sale applications.  details...
EVO PC4 Retail Box POS Computer
EVO PC4 Pro: Retail Box Point Of Sale Computer

Top of the line and loaded with Intel Pentium G850 2.9 GHz Processor, the POS-X EVO-PC4 Pro Retail Box has taken the lead in performance vs. size.  details...
Posiflex Point Of Sale Computers
Posiflex KS7215 Touch Computer
KS-7215 : Fanless Touch Terminal with 15 Inch Screen

Features a fan free system so it’s very quiet and won’t suck in dust and grime so your computer will last that much longer. It's spill resistant too!  details...
Posiflex KS7317 Touch Computer
KS-7317 : Fanless Touch Terminal with 17 Inch Screen

The 1.86 GHz Intel Celeron M processor is quick enough to keep POS Software running smoothly, and with 2GB of RAM, your software will have plenty of memory to use.  details...
Point Of Sale Computers
ELO 15A1 Touch Computer: POS Terminal
ELO 15A1 Touch Computer: POS Terminal

All-in-one Desktop Computer with 15" Flat Panel Touch Monitor an ideal choice for point-of-sale, medical, light industrial, and Internet access points.  details...

ELO 15 Inch Flat Panel
ELO 15B2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal

Fanless, cool and quiet, the 15A2 with a Windows 7 operating system features more processing power and a 15" Flat Panel Monitor with spill-resistant sealing.  details...
ELO 17B2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal
X-Series 17 Inch All-In-One Touch Computer

All-in-one Computer provides an attractive compact 17" touch solution that can fit virtually anywhere in any point-of-service environment.  details...
ELO 19C2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal
ELO 19C2 Touch Computer: POS Terminal

All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer with a huge 19" wide aspect ratio flat panel touch monitor perfect for hospitality host and seating systems, product demonstration or customer information systems.  details...

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