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Laser Barcode Scanners

Tech Tips

Laser barcode scanners project a beam of amplified light off an oscillating mirror or rotating prism and generate what appears to be a solid red scan line. In reality, the scan line is a laser spot rapidly moving back and forth at 30 or 40 times per second. A laser barcode scanner consists of a scanner, a decoder (typically built-in but sometimes external), and a cable used to connect the barcode scanner with a computer. Barcode scanners can be connected to a computer through a serial port, a keyboard port, or a USB port.

The laser scanner works by directing its beam of amplified light across the barcode and measuring the amount of light that is reflected back. The dark bars on a barcode reflect less light than the white spaces between them. The laser scanner then converts the light energy into electrical energy, which is then converted into data by the decoder and forwarded to a computer.

Laser Scanner

Symbol Laser Scanners
Symbol LS2208 Scanners 

Delivers performance features at an affordable price
From the checkout line to the back room, the LS 2208 helps you make the most of your application-specific solution in a variety of ways.

Symbol LS9208 Scanners 

Speed and Versatility Combine for Increased Productivity at Checkout
The LS 9208 presentation scanner, from Symbol Technologies, delivers both a high-performance processor and an innovative 100-line rastering omnidirectional scan pattern for increased productivity at checkout, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Symbol LS4208 Scanners 

Durable construction for all day, everyday usage
Multi-line rastering scan pattern: Improves productivity by reducing the need to rescan barcodes or key in data as well as GS1 DataBar barcode support.

Symbol LS4278 Scanners 

General Purpose BlueTooth Cordless Barcode Scanner
This laser handheld device excels in retail, healthcare or light industrial environments, boosting productivity and profitability.

Metrologic Laser Scanners

Metrologic MS9520 Voyager Scanners 

MS9520 Voyager  
The most advanced auto-triggered barcode scanner on the market today.
The Metrologic MS9520 Voyager can be used as both a hand-held and fixed projection laser scanner. The MS9520 is packed with all of the same features as the MS9540, with the exception of CodeGate.

Metrologic MS9540 Voyager Scanners 

MS9540 Voyager  
All of the features of the MS9520 Voyager, with the addition of Metrologic's exclusive CodeGate data transmission technology.
CodeGate is an intuitive laser scanning system that is ideal for all scanning applications, including menu-scanning, Point-of-Sale, document processing, and inventory, just to name a few.

Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse Scanners 

MS5145 Eclipse
Economical Laser Barcode Reader
The MS5145 is a single-line, hand-held laser scanner equipped with Metrologic's patented CodeGate technology making it a perfect selection for point-of-sale applications.

Metrologic MS7120 Orbit Scanners 

MS7120 Orbit
An aggressive, omnidirectional presentation laser barcode scanner.
Meet Orbit! Orbit is small in size, but BIG in performance. Orbit is Metrologic's first Point-of Sale barcode laser scanner to utilize holographic technology to precisely focus the scanner's laser and therefore increase performance and efficiency.

Metrologic MS7220 ArgusSCAN Scanners 

MS7220 ArgusSCAN
An aggressive, omnidirectional presentation laser barcode scanner.
The MS7220 ArgusSCAN is an aggressive omni-directional laser barcode scanner ideal for retail, convenience, liquor, grocery, and specialty stores. It is engineered with a large, high speed scan area and a bright 650nm laser.

Metrologic MS7320 InVista Scanners 

MS7320 InVista
An aggressive, omnidirectional presentation laser barcode scanner.
Metrologic’s MS7320 InVista offers an outstanding combination of features, versatility, performance, and durability. This fixed mount laser barcode scanner provides ease of use and high throughput speeds.

Metrologic MS7600 Scanners 

Available with stainless steel or high-impact plastic top plate.
Horizon is Metrologic’s next generation in-counter laser barcode scanner. This compact, hands-free laser scanner is designed with a dense 20-line omnidirectional scan pattern that helps provide fast, efficient throughput with a high first-pass read rate.

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